Viticulture: The Big Picture!

Some friends of mine gave me Viticulture for my birthday last week. I had heard a bit about the game but had never played it. There are many good things to say about the game. However, I only want to focus on one of them today.


Viticulture Box Cover

I am always fascinated by brilliant component ideas and the beads that are used in this game are simply ingenious.

For those who don’t know, Viticulture is a strategic board game about wine making. Players take turns ordering their workers to perform different actions such as planting vines, harvesting the grapes, crushing them into wine, …

Each player has a personal board on which there are, among other things, tracks that represent the grapes and wines that player has in stock. Each grape and wine has a numerical value that shows just how yummy it is. The beads are used on these tracks, assigning a value to each grape and wine.

Now, the beads are hemispherical, transparent objects. So, not only do they look like half grapes—great for immersion—but the beads magnify the picture on the board below. As a result, the value of each grape and wine you own really stands out. Ingenious!

Magnified Player Board

Magnified Player Board

Is this a new thing? Have you seen this in other games?