Realm of Wonder – A Yeti’s Life

I discovered Realm of Wonder last week.

Three of us played and I feel it’s not really suitable for such a low player count. It’s a quest based game: at the beginning of the game you randomly draw a quest which sets the end game conditions and goals. Our quest had us building fortresses in four different regions and then going to the centre of the board. The board is the same size at all player counts so this quest is obviously much easier with fewer players. Granted we only played one of the possible quests.

Realm of Wonder

Realm of Wonder

The game has a real Talisman feel to it:

  • Fantasy themed game
  • The board is divided into three zones: a small inner zone contained within a medium sized middle zone, itself contained within a big outer zone
  • The main goal of the game is to get to the centre of the inner zone

They did make the zones circular enabling players to rotate the inner and middle zones. This was a cool addition because players can change how you get from one zone to another during the game. I still think I would play Talisman over this any day though. Keep in mind I do have a soft spot for Talisman because I learned to play it with my younger brother when I was 9.

The characters and their artwork will draw you into this game. This one was my favourite 😀

Yeti <3

Yeti ❤

However, the only real difference between the characters is a ‘once per game’ ability. Something I always find disappointing in games. Why not make a less powerful but permanent ability or something you can use multiple times?

I wanted to like this game but sadly the only thing I’ll be missing about it is being a Yeti. I may try it again with a higher player count to see if I like it better.

What did you think of this one? Do you know any other games involving Yetis?